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heart_breakers's Journal

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This is a community for all the fuckers who break hearts. You can cry here if you're hearts been broken, boast about breaking a heart, bitch at someone for breaking your heart, do whatever the hell you want. We don't care.


1. You must have broken at least one heart, you bastard. Or atleast have had your heart broken.

2. This is for LJ celebs only. You don't have to belong to any of the communities, but you must be an established LJ celebrity.

3. You have to have the disclaimer in your journal. Don't even think about asking to get in if its not there. We might be lazy bitches, but we'll check.

4. This is a closed community. Meaning if you want in, contact johnrzeznik

5. And finally, if you get added to this community, that must say something, right? Either you're just an established heartbreaker, we pity you, or Parker&Teddy lust after you and you're killing us. Riight.

Disclaimer: In no way does this community provoke, support, or encourage hurting others. Its just a joke. Lighten up, have fun, and don't make a big deal about it.

In Association with: must_be_pop, studio_54, fuckery, rock_stars, the_list, bitchesareborn